I am proud to introduce you to our Wow Women, each one has done something amazing. If you need some inspiration read on.

Vicki started up her own photography business, running her business from home allows her to balance a career & family. Read Vicki’s story.

Kath is a mum to two girls, with a passion for baking. Read Kath’s story.

Christy’s son was about to start school so she gave up her job to spend the summer with him and took the opportunity to launch Kidstrapp. Read Christy’s story.

Vanessa turned her interest in baby & children’s fashion into a business. Read Vanessa’s story. 

Clair retrained in Health and Social Care. Read Clair’s story.

Lucy retrained in Forensic Science. Read Lucy’s story.

Could you be our next WOW WOMAN? We are looking for women who have: Set up their own business, taking a new career direction, re-trained, returned to college or University.

If you know someone I would love to hear from them.