Is it time to move on? If you have fallen out of love with your job then maybe it is.

21st January 2019 Blog


As the saying goes “Better the devil you know” but is that true when it comes to your career? If you are fearful of change that is understandable but are you holding yourself back from fulfilling your true potential? 

It’s unlikely that leaving a job is going to be a decision taken lightly but you need to ask yourself are you happy in your current role? If you dream of something else what’s stopping you? If you are at a career crossroads here’s some things to consider:
• Is the problem with the role you do or the career you have?
• Is it the company you work for or the team you are part of?
• Do you love your job?
• Is fear of the unknown holding you back?
• How does your job benefit you?
• Knowing what you know now would you apply for your current job?
• What’s important to you? Salary, work life balance etc. Does your current job satisfy these things?

Can you do anything to improve the current situation? If that’s a yes great! Take action to address your concerns and see what changes can be made. This might be speaking to your boss, changing departments, reducing your hours etc.

We have all been through changes in life that made us fearful or unsure of how it might turn out, leaving a job or changing careers for most will be the same too but the fear of change may be holding you back from achieving all sorts of other wonderful things and staying in a job you dislike can do more harm than good, discovering new talents and what you enjoy is an exciting new step towards discovering your potential.

Your first steps to making the change.

If it’s a new job that appeals to you, find out what else is out there, this is the time to update your CV and your social media profiles.

Interested in starting your own business? Research your interests, gather as much information as possible, speak to other people that have made similar decisions. Consider what is possible alongside your current job, starting your new business while still employed gives you extra financial security and may feel less daunting.

Are you ready to make the change? Here’s some mums that did.

I hope you find this useful and thank you for taking the time to read it, I would love to hear your comments, please feel free to ask any questions too, I always respond.

I am passionate about inspiring and supporting mums, so if you are a thinking of running your own business or self employed get in touch to see how I can help.

Good luck.

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